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Prevention is Better than a Cure...

Stopping animals from taking up residence in your home avoids the hassle of having to remove them. Some simple steps can decrease the likelihood of animals making your home theirs.


Remove Entry & Exit Points...

Animals can gain access to your home through the smallest holes. Finding and covering any small holes that animals may use to gain entry to your home will reduce their taking up residence. It is always difficult to give a guarantee that animals cannot gain entry to your roof because of all the different areas they can get into, but the more you seal, the less chance there is of them getting in. Trimming trees away from your roof line also removes access to animals.


Provide Liveable Areas Outside Your Home...

Possums and many other small animals normally live in hollowed out trees. Urbanisation reduces the occurrence of suitable natural habitats for small animals, forcing them to take up residence in ceilings and under houses. Providing livable areas outside your home will remove the need for them to come inside. Nigel's Animal rescue have been installing "Possum Boxes" in metropolitan backyards for years with very positive results. The boxes are installed in existing trees on your property and provide a great home for possums and other small animals outside your house.


Don't Feed the Animals...

Food and water sources can draw animals into your home. Always ensure your gutters are clean and that your down pipes flow freely and clear any rubbish off your property.