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Meet Nigel's Animal Rescue's team

Nigel Williamson

Nigel has been rescuing Animals for the past 23 years. His career started off at the RSPCA as an Ambulance driver and after 12 months a position was created for him as a Animal rescue officer within the inspectors office. When his position was made redundant after 5 years, Nigel decided to start his own animal rescue business. Nigel's Animal Rescue began 1989 and Nigel is now the only person in Victoria with the skills and expertise to deal with any animal rescue, no job to big or to small, in fact Nigel has performed over 30,000 rescues since 1985.


Sharon Williamson

Sharon came into Nigel's life 4 years ago, it was love at first sight and they got married in March 2005. Sharon has been a lover of animals since she was a little girl, always bringing home stray and injured animals. Sharon has since learnt and studied a lot about all sorts of animals, specialising in hand raising young orphaned Birds, Kittens and Possums. On top of looking after all the animals that come in and all the animals that live on their 5 acre property Sharon works in the office.


Brendan Smith

Brendan Smith started with us in August 08, Brendan came from the building trade and has a real passion to work and be with animals. He is a reptile lover and is excellent at catching snakes. As well as being Nigels right hand man Brendan is also our possum specialist.



Monika started as a volunteer back in Sept 2008 during her school holidays and since finishing year 12 is here 4 to 7 days a week, she loves every moment of being with the animals and says she has learnt so much since starting with us, Monika wants to become a Vet Nurse specialising in critical care.


Shaun Chatfield

Shaun and his love for animals made him our regular neighbourhood volunteer for Nigels Animal Rescue, he regularly helps out cleaning cages, feeding Animals, is fast learning how to hand raise birds and other small animals and whenever possible helps out Nigel in rescues. Shaun will be completing year 12 at the end of 2009 and his dream is to then become a vet.