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At Nigel's Animal Rescue we focus on rescue techniques that minimise harm to both the animal being rescued and the local environment. Many of the tools we use are everyday items that become specialist equipment in our skilled hands.

Night Blocking...

Night Blocking is a method of removing unwanted animals from within ceilings, under floors and in walls. The animals access point is found and then blocked at a time when the animal is outside. Using this method prevents the animal returning without the need for any physical contact between the animal and humans.

One Way Gates...

The use of one way gates provides another safe option for animal removal. The one way gates are placed over all animal access points and allow the animal to leave but not return. One way gates also function without the need for any physical contact with the animal.

Possum Boxes...

Possum boxes are an environmentally friendly way to provide living areas for small animals outside of your home. The boxes are installed in existing trees on your property and avoid many problems associated with animal relocation.

Equipment Donations...

Donations of equipment such as old towels and blankets, cages, feed and many other items greatly assist us in providing the best service at the lowest cost.

If you have any items to donate, please call Nigel on 0427 533 083 or email rescue.
Your donations are hugely appreciated.